YCAL’s goal is to help students become successful lifelong learners and to help make informed career decisions. We encourage you to participate in the following programs:

Career Exploration Programs

Career Exploration programs consist of 30+ different programs intended to create opportunities for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors to attend and explore a career path that may interest them.  These programs are categorized as part of the Career Exploration Series (meeting after-school, multiple times throughout the school year) or the Career Exploration Day Programs which are one-day programs that typically meet during the school day. 


Career Readiness Education Workshop

CREW exists to help students who may not have set a career or educational plan after high school graduation. Upon arrival at the event, students will attend their choice of three (of the 16) career cluster informational presentations delivered by a business or training partner associated with that industry. In the second half of the day, students are provided the opportunity to attend post-secondary and employment skills sessions to help students make connections and possible decisions as they approach graduation. This event is held at HACC-York Campus.



Occurring from September to April, the program offers foundation courses delivered via an online learning portal completed at the students’ High School, multiple engagement events to introduce students to various departments and personnel, OSHA safety training, and four on-site and hands-on practicum sessions. 


Student Leadership Challenge

York College’s one-day Student Leadership Challenge program allows students to explore and practice proven leadership skills through hands-on sessions. Taking advantage of opportunities to cultivate leadership skills is a distinction that will set them apart from their peers during this pivotal time in their lives. Program includes lunch, course materials, and all activities.