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Career Exploration Program Application Available Now

Aug 30, 2019 @ 8:00 am - 2:00 pm

Thank you for your interest in YCAL’s Career Exploration Programs. These programs are offered to you free of charge through a Partnership between your School District, YCAL, and the Program Sponsors that Host the programs.

Please know that in applying, YOU ARE COMMITTING TO ATTENDING these programs. If your schedule or any other circumstance changes, it is YOUR responsibility to notify YCAL (info@ycal.us) or your school’s counselor to be removed from the list of attendees. Since some programs meet their maximum capacity, so please be considerate of your fellow students who may wish to attend.

Please fill out the following information to the best of your abilities, and we will look forward to reviewing your application. You will receive an acceptance letter via email or your High School Guidance/Career Counselor prior to the event to confirm details.

Once completed, you should see your High School’s Guidance/Career Counselor as soon as possible so they are aware you have applied. You will also need to obtain a Parental Consent Form from them, to be returned to their office prior to the event. Please note that you will be unable to participate if this form is not received.

Please be aware this application only lists our events that are considered part of the SPRING Semester (January-May). For a full listing of our scheduled programs for Fall and Spring to help you plan for the next year, where applicable, please visit:

Application is available here:



Aug 30, 2019
8:00 am - 2:00 pm


"We invest in YCAL because of the direct, positive impact on the community. The organization’s programs produce fantastic results."

- Gene Draganosky, York Traditions Bank, President and Board Director

"My district partners with YCAL because YCAL provides our students with real learning opportunities for real life. Our students consistently tell us that their experiences with YCAL are often the single greatest influence on their choice of a career path."

- Dr. Scott Deisley, Red Lion Area School District, Superintendent

"The York Water Company supports YCAL because YCAL inspires curiosity in the students and educators who are drawn to its many programs.  Curiosity stokes the boiler of imagination, and imagination drives ingenuity and adaptability.  We rely upon an adaptive and agile workforce to sustain our 200 year old Company, and YCAL provides the opportunity for students to explore and hydrate their curious minds so that one day they’ll reinvest their talent right here in our community."

- JT Hand, The York Water Company, President and Chief Executive Officer