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Programs That Prepare You

YCAL aims to support your journey as lifelong learners and empower you to make informed career choices. We invite you to engage in the following programs:

Career Exploration Programs

The Career Exploration programs feature more than 30 unique opportunities tailored for high school students to engage with and explore potential career avenues of interest. Hosted by business partners with expertise in relevant fields, these programs offer insights and training, aiming to enhance students’ understanding of job roles within each career category, as well as the necessary education, training, and skills. Ultimately, the goal is to empower students with the information needed to make well-informed decisions about their future careers.


The Pre-Apprenticeship programs provide students with a structured sequence of engagement activities aimed at exploring career options, developing skills, and gaining insight into the nature of an Apprenticeship Program, thereby assisting them in making informed career choices. YCAL collaborates with partners to offer a range of Pre-Apprenticeship opportunities.

Career Readiness Education Workshop (CREW)

CREW serves the purpose of assisting students who haven’t yet defined their career or educational trajectory post high school. Upon arrival, students can opt to attend three out of sixteen career cluster informational presentations led by industry-related business or training partners. In the latter part of the day, students are offered the chance to participate in sessions focusing on post-secondary education and employment skills. This framework aims to facilitate connections and support students in making informed decisions as they near graduation.

Manufacturing Days

Manufacturing Days, coinciding with National Manufacturing Day on the first Friday of October, seeks to raise awareness of manufacturing’s importance locally and beyond. The central focus is organizing tailored school tours at diverse manufacturing sites in York County, catering to high school students and offering them insights into the manufacturing world and its potential influence.

10 Career Questions Interview Series

The 10 Career Questions Interview Series consists of concise interviews (averaging around 15 minutes each) featuring representatives from all 16 Career Clusters. In these interviews, participants respond to the same set of 10 questions, aiming to enhance students’ career growth by offering insights into diverse career avenues.

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"We invest in YCAL because of the direct, positive impact on the community. The organization’s programs produce fantastic results."

- Gene Draganosky, York Traditions Bank, President and Board Director

"My district partners with YCAL because YCAL provides our students with real learning opportunities for real life. Our students consistently tell us that their experiences with YCAL are often the single greatest influence on their choice of a career path."

- Dr. Scott Deisley, Red Lion Area School District, Superintendent

"The York Water Company supports YCAL because YCAL inspires curiosity in the students and educators who are drawn to its many programs.  Curiosity stokes the boiler of imagination, and imagination drives ingenuity and adaptability.  We rely upon an adaptive and agile workforce to sustain our 200 year old Company, and YCAL provides the opportunity for students to explore and hydrate their curious minds so that one day they’ll reinvest their talent right here in our community."

- JT Hand, The York Water Company, President and Chief Executive Officer