Mentoring Program

Virtual Career Exploration Programs

YCAL has established relationships with business partners to provide our High School students opportunities to explore different careers at no cost to the student. Participation in these programs increases students’ understanding of the unique training, education, and work standards required to successfully pursue a given career path. Throughout 2020-2021, YCAL created a library of on-demand content which can be viewed on the next page, categorized by career cluster.

Where available, YCAL will work with its partners to provide on-site opportunities for students throughout the school year.

All programs are 60-90 minutes in length and are available now for on-demand viewing.

CLICK HERE to download a printable, version of the Virtual Career Exploration Programs.

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Host (Click Logo to Register)Program NameDescriptionCareer Cluster
RKLAccountingHosted by one of the region’s leading accounting firms, this session will provide an overview of the Accounting field, providing additional insight on the various types of career paths and roles in the accounting field.Finance
PennStateExtension-mark-stacked_0AgricultureThis session will provide an overview of AgroScience, discussing various career paths and providing an overview of the science behind working with natural resources.Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
Warehaus_logo-1Architectural & Civil EngineeringHosted by one of York's leading and award-winning firms, Warehaus will discuss how Architects and Civil Engineers both play a valuable role in the planning, design, and supervision of building sites and structures.Architecture & Construction; Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
Apple UTI CombinedAutomotive IndustryThis session will discuss career opportunities in the automotive industry which will include the STEM elements, training and education needed to be an automotive technician and beyond.Transportation, Distribution & Logistics; Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics;
YorkTech-AdultEdCDL (Commercial Driving)This session will discuss the necessary and available training and the various job opportunities available in the field of commercial driving.Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
York Tech (YCST) Adult Ed Logo-SQUAREDCosmetologyThis session explores how cosmetologists work with individuals to help enhance their appearance, typically working with a person’s hair, skin, and nails. In many cases, those looking to enter this field should enjoy working closely and providing care to others.Human Services
YorkCounty_DA's_OfficeCriminal Justice & ForensicsHosted by the York County District Attorney’s Office, this session provides a general overview of various roles of law enforcement in our County’s legal system.Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
YTI-PA School of Culinary Arts-SquaredCulinaryHosted by YTI Career Institute’s Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts, this program will discuss training, techniques, and careers in the culinary field.Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
YorkCollegeColorEducationThis program is for students who are interested in pursuing the noble profession of an educator. This session will discuss the various traits, talents, and skills it takes to be a successful educator as well as exploring what specialization might be the best match to their strengths.Education & Training
YorkElectricians-IBEWElectricianThis program will provide an overview of the electrical trade and a preview of the six-week Electrician Pre-Apprenticeship Boot Camp. Students interested in the trades will want to check this one out, as careers in the electrician field are in high demand and are projected to grow over the next 10 years.Architecture & Construction
PSU_YKO_RGB_2CWeb-SquaredEngineeringThis session provides an overview of various opportunities in the field of Engineering and a panel of Engineering professionals that serve on the advisory board of Penn State.Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
FirstCapital-SquaredFinancial ServicesThis program will discuss the financial services industry, highlighting its importance in our daily lives personally and its vital role for businesses to operate. Special attention will be given to the many different roles working with a bank or credit union to make them successful.Finance
YorkCollegeColorHospitality ManagementThis program will provide you with information on the various career paths and education required to work in hotels, restaurants, catering, golf courses, senior-living facilities, sports teams, resorts, and many other service industries.Hospitality & Tourism
PSU_YKO_RGB_2CWeb-1Information TechnologyStudents interested in a career working with computers, technology, and networks will want to check out this two-part series which will focus on the field of information technology. This program will include a discussion about the IT industry, various educational paths, and career options after completing their studies through a discussion with a panel comprised of several key members working in the IT field. The second session will focus in on specific topics of guided by the interests shared with the program hosts by attendees at part-one with a planned hands-on lab! CLICK HERE for Part 2!Information Technology
GlatfelterInsuranceGroupTagInsurance CareersThis session explores how the Insurance industry is a vital part to all individuals and businesses as it protects against loss. With career opportunities including Actuarial Sciences, Claims, IT, Marketing, Sales, and Underwriting, students interested in a future pursuit in business will want to check this out.Finance; Business Management & Administration; Marketing
Bar_AssociationLawThis session will introduce students to the training and education required to pursue a career in the legal field. Students will also learn about the various roles and specializations that lawyers can choose.Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
ManufacturersAssociationManufacturing CareersHosted by the Manufacturers' Association, this session will provide a background on the careers and available training and education available to be a part of modern manufacturing, done in a clean environment by highly-skilled workers contributing to an intricate process.Manufacturing
York Tech (YCST) Adult Ed Logo-SQUAREDMechatronicsThis program will discuss the rapidly-growing Mechatronics and Industrial Controls Technology field. Students with an interest in pursuing a career in electronics, robotics, maintenance, manufacturing, engineering, or automation will want to check out this program.Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics; Manufacturing
PA-College-of Health Sciences logo-(2c, large, hi-res)NursingThis session will provide an overview of the Nursing field and discuss the various types of roles and responsibilities of nurses and the education and training required for each one.Health Science
PrintOccupational Therapy AssistantThis program will delve into the specific field of healthcare that works closely with patients to help them overcome challenges. Occupational Therapy Assistants (OTA) help teach techniques for patients to maintain independent living and a high quality of life. OTA’s typically obtain a 2-year Associates degree and this session will touch upon the training and education required to work in this field.Health Science
PrintPhlebotomistPhlebotomists specialize in blood collection and laboratory testing related to blood. Phlebotomists play a very important and specific role in the healthcare field that requires technical knowledge, customer service, communication, and accuracy. This program will touch upon the steps to obtain a Phlebotomy Certificate.Health Science
PrintPhysical Therapist AssistantThis session will explore the specific role of the Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA). PTA’s work closely with patients to deliver physical therapy services that align with a Physical Therapist’s plan of care. In addition to the career, this session will also highlight the 2-year Associates Degree PTA program offered at Central Penn College.Health Science
PSU_YKO_RGB_2CWebPsychology/Human StudiesThis program is designed for students looking to explore a career in the study of people, their behaviors, their mental development, and the treatment of social and mental health issues.Human Services
Wellspan1Respiratory CareThis session will introduce students to the role of a Respiratory Care specialist and the training that is required. Students who think they may be interested in Nursing should check this program out!Health Science
Kinsley LogoSkilled TradesThis session will discuss various aspects and opportunities in the construction industry, specifically including the information on the various divisions at Kinsley from the division’s leaders, the Construction Pre-Apprenticeship, and Kinsley’s Registered Apprenticeship through the Kinsley Education Center.Architecture & Construction
YorkCollegeColorSports ManagementThis program will discuss the various career paths available in the sport industry. Students can also look forward to hearing about the education and training necessary to work in areas like professional sports, college athletics, sports marketing, and community sports and fitness.Business Management & Administration; Hospitality & Tourism
YTIVeterinaryThis session will focus on the job opportunities and working environments of those looking to pursue a career in the Veterinary field.Health Science
York Water & Thaddeus StevensWater and Environmental TechnologyThis session will discuss a perhaps lesser-known field that is on leading edge of protecting public health and the environment. This is a great session to explore for students with math and science aptitude and a desire to make a difference in the world around them.Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics