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Career Exploration Program Series

Career Exploration programs consist of 30+ different programs intended to create opportunities for Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors to attend and explore a career path that may interest them. Hosted by a business partner that operates within the particular career, these programs are categorized as part of the Career Exploration Series (meeting after-school, multiple times throughout the school year) or the Career Exploration Day Programs which are one-day programs that typically meet during the school day.

Career Exploration Program

SponsorProgram NameDescriptionCareer Cluster
RKLAccountingDo you know that not all Accountants are the same? Even in the same firm, some accountants’ days differ greatly! In this program, students will gain insight into how their personal communication style and preferences apply in a public accounting environment. Students will also have the opportunity to ask questions to help solidify their interest in the accounting field and better understand practical applications of an accounting career through various individual and small group activities hosted by one of the regions’ leading Accounting firms.Finance
Horn_Farm_CenterAgricultureThis program highlights sustainable farming practices, ecology and greenhouses. Students will have the opportunity to learn about different farming styles, new innovations, and business models and explore different paths to a future in farming. Students will perform two hands-on labs that will help them further understand some of the day-to-day activities of this career field.Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
AppleAutomotive-SquaredBusiness Administration & SalesHigh School students interested in exploring a career in planning, organizing, directing and evaluating business functions essential to efficient and productive business operations will not want to miss this one-day session. In addition to exploring various aspects of a successfully functioning business, students will also the opportunity to explore the sales process from business development to the close, to service after the sale. Students will have the opportunity to interact with various staff from this successful local business and better understand the various teams that make a business successful.Business Management & Administration
AppleAutomotive-SquaredAutomotive IndustryThe automotive industry is one of the largest industries in the country, with over 100 million vehicles on the road. These vehicles are in constant need of maintenance, repair, and replacement, which means lots of jobs! Students that are interested in a career with high job demand AND many benefits being offered to potential employees, will not want to miss this program. Hosted by York’s own Apple Automotive and their training partner Universal Technical Institute, a wide-range of topics and interests in this industry will be covered, culminating in a shadowing opportunity with one of its dealerships master-certified technicians.Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
YorkTech-AdultEdCDL (Commercial Driving)For a student looking to take the wheel on their career, exploring the employment opportunities in the Commercial Driving industry may be a great place to start. Commercial driving is far more complicated than getting behind the wheel and driving. In order to keep other motorists, yourself, and your cargo safe, proper training on Air Brakes, Haz-Mat, State and Federal Laws, Driver's Logs, Skid Control, Inspection, Load and Weight Distribution, Parking, and Defensive Driving (just to name a few!) must be completed. With a job growth rate of 5% over the next 10 years, now is a great time to check out potential training and a career in Commercial Driving. With a training program started over 20 years ago, York County School of Technology has successfully graduated over 1,400 students.Transportation, Distribution & Logistics
YorkCountyCourt ReporterCourt reporting plays a vital role in the criminal justice system, serving as a key asset in court to judges and attorneys. Utilizing technology and communication skills, a court reporter records and relays information for use during and after a trial. Currently this career path requires a 2-year (Associate) degree and is in very high demand with more jobs being added each year. With online education, local mentorship opportunities available, and with a current local starting wage between $40K-$50K/year, this is an excellent career to explore right now!Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
Kinsley-New1Construction School to Work DayCalling all high school juniors and seniors! Are you searching for a hands-on career in an exciting and dynamic skilled trade like construction? Learn about opportunities, types of work, standards and skill sets required to be successful in this industry. Register today for Kinsley Construction’s school-to-work career day! Please note, this event does not appear o the YCAL application. To register and for more information, please contact: Mike Johnston, Kinsley Construction, Inc. or 717-801-8957. Please RSVP by March 30thArchitecture & Construction
HACC-York-SmallerCreative CareersCreativity, imagination and problem solving are crucial 21st century skills needed in the knowledge-based economy. Harrisburg Area Community College’s Program seeks to better prepare the next generation of thought leaders, innovators and workforce in our community. Note: This one-day program is not just for artists…it is for people who like art, the creative process AND students with interests and career goals that may have a correlation to the art world.Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
YorkCounty_DA's_OfficeCriminal Justice & ForensicsCareers in Criminal Justice and Forensics extend far beyond being a police officer. This one-day event, organized by the York County District Attorney’s Office, will provide high school students with an overview of the Criminal Justice system, along with presentations from various guest speakers from the many offices and individuals who assist the District Attorney’s Office in their mission to seek “justice for crime victims, the community and criminal defendants.” Students will leave the session with a background on the industry, several potential career paths, and the education required to pursue the path that most interests them.Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
YorkCollegeColorEducationHave you ever had a teacher who had a significant impact on your life? High School students interested in pursuing the noble profession of passing on knowledge to others as an educator do not want to miss this day. Students can look forward to a day of exploring the traits, talents, and skills it takes to be a successful educator as well as exploring what specialization might be the best match to their strengths. Attendees will get to interact with future educators, observe a class, hold a Q & A with faculty and students, and perform various hands-on small group educational activities.Education & Training
YorkCollegeColorEducation (Future Educators Forum)The Future Educators Forum is hosted by York College of Pennsylvania early in the Fall Semester. This event, which is open to High School Seniors only, is designed for those that have already made the decision, or are considering, to pursue a career in education. PLEASE NOTE: This event does not appear on the YCAL application. If interested, please contact your school's YCAL Representative to arrange for your attendance with York College.Education & Training
YorkElectricians-IBEWElectricianStudents interested in pursuing a career in a skilled trade will want to check out this brief program, focusing on students considering an electrical trade. This program will provide an overview of the electrical trade and a preview of the six-week Electrician Boot Camp. This Boot Camp is a Pre-Apprenticeship program open to High School Juniors and Seniors and will include and introduction to a career as an electrician covering electrical and construction safety, materials, component installation, ohms law, conduit bending, and employability skills.Architecture & Construction
PSU_YKO_RGB_2CWebEngineeringStudents who are math and science-driven, showing an interest in how things work, will want to take advantage of this opportunity. Students attending can look forward to exploring more about the engineering industry, educational paths, and career options after completing their studies through a discussion with a panel of several key members at various firms working in the field of engineering. The second part in this program series will involve a tour of a local facility to display some of the applications of engineering in the real world.Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
FCFCU_NoTagFinancial ServicesThis program is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in the world of financial services, such as working in a credit union, bank, or other institutions that manage clients’ money. Students can look forward to a tour of a credit union along with opportunities to interact with executives and other employees of a financial institution.Finance
PA-College-of Health Sciences logo-(2c, large, hi-res)NursingFor students pursuing a career in the medical field, this one-day program will help to gain a better understanding of the education required and the finer aspects of being a nurse. Nurses perform many jobs such as providing and coordinating patient care, educating patients and the public about various health conditions, providing advice and emotional support to patients and their family members, and even assisting surgeons in the operating room. While focusing on Nursing, this program will also discuss various other healthcare professions that are currently in high-demand.Health Science
Normandie_RidgeHealthcareDo you have a desire to help and care for others? If so, a position in the field of Healthcare may be in your future. This program will explore several potential career paths in the field of Healthcare that may require a 2-year degree, 4-year degree, or a special certification after High School. If you have any interest in working in this field but have not committed to a specific course of study, this is a great program to check out to explore your options in the field of Healthcare services!Health Science
YorkCollegeColorHospitality ManagementAre you aware that the hospitality industry is one of the largest in the country? This program will provide you with a fun, hands-on learning approach to the various career paths and education required to work in hotels, restaurants, catering, golf courses, senior-living facilities, sports teams, resorts, and many other industries related to service.Business Management & Administration
YorkCountyHuman ServicesThe Human Services Career Exploration is a great choice for students interested in pursuing a career where they get to help others. This program will help students gain insight into human service careers by speaking with representatives from several local sites to better understand Human Services professionals. Completion of this program will give students a clearer picture of the struggles facing many community members, expand student knowledge of services available to York County residents, explore the departments and services in the York County Human Services Division, and to explore the educational options to successfully pursue a position in this field.Human Services
PSU_YKO_RGB_2CWeb-1Information TechnologyStudents interested in a career working with computers, technology, and networks will want to check out this two-part series which will focus on the field of information technology. This program will include a discussion about the IT industry, various educational paths, and career options after completing their studies through a discussion with a panel comprised of several key members working in the IT field. The second session will focus in on specific topics of guided by the interests shared with the program hosts by attendees at part-one with a planned hands-on lab!Information Technology
GlatfelterInsuranceGroupTagInsurance CareersThe insurance industry is in an era of innovation, led by associates who are forward-thinking and creative. Insurance is a financial service that guarantees protection from loss to individuals, organizations and businesses. The insurance industry offers many career choices including Actuarial Sciences, Claims, Information Technology, Marketing, Sales and Underwriting. Students interested in pursuing a career in general business administration and/or finance will not want to miss this program!Business Management & Administration; Finance
Bar_AssociationLawDo you want to be a lawyer, work within a law firm, or work in the legal system for the government? Then do not miss this opportunity! This program will allow you to learn more about the practice of law, real estate closings, legal research and more via hands-on learning and teamwork.Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
ManufacturersAssociationManufacturing CareersWhen you think of Manufacturing do you think of a dirty environment with low-wage workers? Nothing could be further from the truth! Modern manufacturing is done in a clean environment with many highly-skilled workers contributing to the many aspects of the manufacturing process from design, production, and the quality-control that is implemented every step of the way. With TWICE the national average of employees working in Manufacturing, York is the home of many cutting-edge facilities. Students attending this day will get to learn about several different manufacturing facilities in York County directly from a company representative. This will be an interactive session so students should come prepared to ask questions and network!Manufacturing
YorkTech-AdultEdMechatronicsStudents attending this program will learn about the rapidly-growing Mechatronics and Industrial Controls Technology field. Electronics, mechanics, pneumatics, hydraulics and computer control systems are being integrated to create new and improved automated manufacturing production systems. Students with an interest in pursuing a career in electronics, robotics, maintenance, manufacturing, engineering, or automation will definitely want to check out this one-day program.Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics; Manufacturing
Fox43Media CareersA career in media can mean a lot of different things. There is the obvious, such as the frontline talent that we see, hear, and read every day, but there is way more beneath the surface. For students with interests in video editing, writing, graphic design, marketing, sales, accounting, producing, directing (not J.J. Abrams type of directing), computer programming, social media, or engineering, there is something for you in the media industry. Starting a career requires that you get that first job, and to get that first job interviewing skills are a necessity. A part of the program has each student taking part in a workshop about how to prepare for and impress during the interview process. WARNING: There will be some work required prior to the date of the program that will set you up for a successful day. Know what you need to know about a career in media and how to get that career going by joining this program presented by FOX43/WPMT. This event is limited to only 40 students so please sign up early!Arts, A/V Technology & Communications; Marketing
YorkTech-AdultEdMedical AssistantIn today’s complex and ever-changing world of health care, Medical Assistants play an essential role. Medical Assistants provide support to physicians and other medical professionals as they examine and treat patients, such as drawing blood, administering medications, and taking and recording vital signs and medical histories. Medical Assistants also perform many of the administrative tasks that keep hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices running smoothly, including scheduling appointments, maintaining medical records, and insurance billing. Students who are considering a career in healthcare will definitely want to check out this hands-on, one-day program.Health Science
studio117logoMusic IndustryDo you enjoy listening to music? Have you ever listened to recorded or live music and wanted to know more about how it all happened? If you have ever had an interest in the music industry, this one-day career exploration is an exciting opportunity. Whether you are interested in performance, production, or just the music business in general, this hands-on program, presented by York-based Studio 117, will provide an introduction to familiarize you with several opportunities in the industry.A/V Technology & Communications
PSU_YKO_RGB_2CWebPsychology & Human StudiesStudents who have an interest in the study of people, their behaviors, their mental development, and the treatment of a social and mental health issues will want to take advantage of this career explorations opportunity. Presented by the Human Development and Family Studies Department at Penn State York, students attending can look forward to exploring the types of careers in this field, the training and education required to attain the various jobs within this career cluster, and learning common practices employed throughout this career path.Human Services
Wellspan1Respiratory CareIf you have an interest in the field of healthcare, and are looking to specialize in a growing area that will allow you to work under physician supervision, this ONE-DAY EXPLORATION program is for you. Respiratory Care practitioners carry out physician orders using specialized equipment such as ventilators and pharmacological agents to help restore normal lung function. Respiratory Care offers persons interested in caring for others the opportunity to serve as vital members of the health care team.Health Science
Kinsley-New1Skilled TradesStudents interested in exploring a career in a skilled trade such as carpentry, iron working, or highway/bridge construction will not want to miss this program! Hosted by the Kinsley Education Center, students can look forward to learning about the opportunities, types of work, standards, and skill sets required to be successful in a leading company like Kinsley. Students will also have the opportunity to learn more about the Pre-Apprenticeship Program in Construction that YCAL and Kinsley offer to Junior applicants to complete during their Senior Year.Architecture & Construction
YorkCollegeColorSports ManagementWould you like to learn about the interesting career opportunities in the growing field of sport management? This fun, hands-on program will show you the career paths available in sport industry. Student can also look forward to hearing about the education and training necessary to work in areas like professional sports, college athletics, sports marketing, and community sports and fitness.Business Management & Administration; Hospitality & Tourism
YorkWaterCompanyWater and Environmental TechnologyWater & Environmental Technology is a field at the leading edge of protecting public health and the environment. An aging workforce, improved automation, and increasingly stringent regulations have created a high demand for water quality professionals. Students who enjoy hands-on learning, have an aptitude for math and science, and a desire to make a difference in the world around them will find these careers challenging and rewarding. Students attending this event will tour the York Water Company to learn more about good paying, secure, local jobs available in this industry through hands on activities. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
YTI-PA School of Culinary ArtsCulinaryDo you have a passion for food and enjoy the idea of working within a team to make something great? If so, then a career in culinary arts may be an excellent choice for you! With a projected job growth of 10% over the next 10 years, studying for a career in the culinary field is a great way to pursue your passion AND learn different techniques to use towards a career that is in demand!Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources; Hospitality & Tourism
YTIVeterinaryFor those interested in Health Sciences, and the care of animals, a career in the Veterinary field might be something you want to explore this year. Those working in this career field as a veterinarian, veterinarian technician, or veterinary assistant, care for the health of animals by diagnosing, treating, and researching medical conditions and diseases of pets, livestock, and other animals. The care of animals is a growing industry, with over $18 billion dollars spent annually. Job demand in this industry are projected to grow approximately 20% across all industry positions in the next 10 years/industry, so this is an excellent time to explore this potential career!Health Science
James CraftHVAC & PlumbingCareers in the HVAC and plumbing industry involve the installation and servicing of heating, ventilation, cooling (air conditioning) refrigeration systems as well as the service and installation of pipes and septic systems for factories, homes, and businesses. In both cases, the projected job growth over the next 10 years is above average, with the demand for these careers projected to increase 13% (HVAC) and 14% (Plumbing ) according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. With many on-the-job training and apprenticeship opportunities available in these fields, it’s a great time for students looking to start “learning and earning” right away. Students who have an interest in one of these skilled trades will not want to miss the chance to explore these opportunities with a locally-based leader in the industry, family-owned and operated through five generations and 100 years.Architecture & Construction
Warehaus_logo-1Architectural & Civil EngineeringArchitects and Civil Engineers both play a valuable role in the planning, design, and supervision of building sites and structures. Both professions are science-driven careers where accuracy and organization is key. Individuals working in this field may experience working in an office setting and on-site, watching a project come to life during construction. Per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for these jobs is estimated to grow 4-6% over the next 10 years. Students engaging in this program can look forward to meeting and working on hands-on activities with professionals working at one of the area’s leading, and award-winning, firms. This program has limited seats; Students applying for this program should be strongly considering pursuing one of these career paths already.Architecture & Construction; Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
YorkTech-AdultEdCosmetologyCosmetologists work with individuals to help enhance their appearance, typically working with a person’s hair, skin and nails. In many cases, those looking to enter into this field should enjoy working closely with others, as they are providing personal care to customers and work closely with others. Successful candidates for this field should also have physical stamina as many positions require you to be up and on your feet quite often. Job outlook for this field is projected to grow approximately 8% over the next 10 years according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Professional cosmetologists must be highly trained and licensed through the state, so students can look forward to exploring what it’s like to work in this field and how to become trained and licensed!Human Services
YorkCountyGovernment CareersA common misconception of government careers is that you need to be elected, but there are literally millions of employees working to support government functions across the country. Careers in government focus on planning and performing government functions at the local, state and federal levels, including administrative functions, taxation, law enforcement, communications, maintenance, accounting, and recreation and parks (just to name a few!). With varying levels of education required (many positions require a minimum high school diploma), this is a great program for a wide variety of students to explore.Government & Public Administration