Career Education and Work Standards Symposium

An event for York County educators focused on the Career Education and Work Standards. This event encourages empowerment by providing each educator in attendance with four impactful, relevant lesson plans to adapt to the grade level in which they specialize, as well as valuable resources to utilize in their classrooms. The 7th Annual Career Education and Work Standards Symposium was held on THURSDAY February 16, 2017 at the York County School of Technology.  

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2017 Lesson Plans


Level Area Lesson Name & Attachment(s) Presenter(s)
K-3 Awareness and Preparation

Learning the Design Process by Prototyping

Angela Jordan
K-3 Career Acquisition The Lemonade War
Becki McCullough & Jenell McKowen
K-3 Retention and Advancement BreakOut EDU
Melissa Appnel
K-3 Entrepreneurship The ABC's of Career Education
Sara Stauffer & Angela Markey
4-5 Awareness and Preparation My 5th Grade Career Portfolio
Kelly Stauffer, Kelly Kochik & Carol Kraft
4-5 Career Acquisition EATS Lesson
#1, #2, #3, #4
Sarah Markel
4-5 Retention and Advancement Teamwork (Career Standard Lesson)
Patty Brothman & Heidi Tyson
4-5 Entrepreneurship Keep Calm and Profit On
Donna Albertson
6-8 Awareness and Preparation Programming Images
Stephanie Coleman
6-8 Career Acquisition Having Students Explore Their Interests and Abilities Through PA Career Zone
#1, #2, #3
Michelle Boyd
6-8 Retention and Advancement Middle School Retention and Advancement Forum Forum Discussion
6-8 Entrepreneurship Integrated Learning Centers
Sara Brenneman
9-12 Awareness and Preparation Health Career Exploration via Operating Room Simulation
June Stratmeyer
9-12 Career Acquisition Genius
Kyle Hardenbrook
9-12 Retention and Advancement Interpersonal Conflict Management Skills
#1, #2, #3
Melissa Stonesifer
9-12 Entrepreneurship Introduction to Business
Entrepreneurship & Marketing 
Rachel Bontoyan


2016 Lesson Plans

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4-5 Lesson Plans

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