The YCAL Pre-Apprenticeship Program is designed for High School Seniors, enrolled at YCAL’s Partner Schools, who are considering pursuit of an Apprenticeship in a chosen trade after graduation.  The course takes place from September to April, offering foundation courses delivered via an online learning portal completed at the student’s High School, multiple engagement events to introduce students to various departments and personnel, and on-site, hands-on practicum sessions.  In 2018-2019, there are two Pre-Apprenticeship specializations offered by YCAL in partnership with The Kinsley Education Center and the Manufacturer’s Association of South Central PA.  A detailed program overview can be found on the proceeding pages for the following programs offered.


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·        Construction (Kinsley) - Application for this Program will be available again in 2019

·        Manufacturing Technician (Manufacturers’ Association)


A Pre-Apprenticeship is designed to be an introductory, experiential learning program to help an interested party determine if pursuing an Apprenticeship in a specific field is the right career fit for their needs.  On a national level, Pre-Apprenticeships are found to increase the success rates of individuals entering into Registered Apprenticeships, which is a benefit to the Apprentice and to the employer. 

A Pre-Apprenticeship gives students the ability to explore a career before entering the workforce after graduation, all while developing other transferrable skills, should they decide that pursuing a Registered Apprenticeship is not in their post-graduation career plan.  Students will receive up to one (1) high school credit for complete of the Pre-Apprenticeship program, dependent upon the approval of their high school.  Please note that while Pre-Apprenticeship allows for exposure and relationship-building with a host company, completion does not guarantee the student employment upon graduation. 

Capacity in the Pre-Apprenticeship program is limited, and an application and interview process will occur to ensure student expectation and commitment is considered prior to enrollment.  The following criteria must be met for student applications to be considered:

ü  Applicant must be a Junior, enrolled at a YCAL Partner School, on track for graduation in 2019

ü  Applicant must have reliable transportation to and from the various program events (approximately 8)

o   Please note that a valid driver’s license is required when pursuing most Apprenticeships after graduation

ü  Applicant must be able to provide at least one recommendation letter from school personnel

ü  An applicant’s record of attendance and professional conduct through his or her high school career will be considered when reviewing applications to help consider a student’s chance of success in the program

ü  An applicant must be prepared to attend all scheduled sessions and will require parent/guardian permission to participate in the program (Please see the “Program Overview” on the next page)

o   Please note that most of the sessions held outside of school will occur during regular school hours

Applicant must complete all application requirements submitted no later than April 30th




CONSTRUCTION Program Overview:

This program is considered a non-paid, unregistered, Pre-Apprenticeship Program consisting of approximately 130 contact hours, resulting in one (1) High School Credit for approving schools.
The 2018-2019 Pre-Apprenticeship consists of the following curriculum requirements:

·        SEPTEMBER 2018

o   Kick-off Breakfast (Location: Kinsley Education Center)

§  Intro/Orientation

§  Intro to Safety

o   Begin NTMAU Online Modules at Home District/School (Complete by December 1st)

§  Basic Blueprint (38 hours)

§  Basic Math (42 hours)

·        OCTOBER 2018

o   10-Hour OSHA training (Location: Kinsley Education Center) – Part 1

o   10-Hour OSHA training (Location: Kinsley Education Center) – Part 2

§  Students 18+ will receive 10-hour OSHA Certification Card upon completion

·        Regular cost of $225 for the course is being covered by Kinsley

·        NOVEMBER 2018

o   Progress & Division Pathways Luncheon (Location Kinsley Education Center)

§  Students will receive lunch, will discuss progress of Online Modules, and will learn about the different career pathways and divisions at Kinsley

·        DECEMBER 2018

o   On-Site Practicum #1 (Location: Kinsley Education Center, 7:00am – 3:30pm)

·        JANUARY 2019

o   On-Site Practicum #2 (Location: Kinsley Education Center, 7:00am – 3:30pm)

·        FEBRUARY 2019

o   On-Site Practicum #3 (Location: Kinsley Education Center, 7:00am – 3:30pm)

·        MARCH 2019

o   On-Site Practicum #4 (Location: Kinsley Education Center, 7:00am – 3:30pm)

·        APRIL 2019

o   Closing Program (Location: Kinsley Education Center)

§  Students attend a closing dinner reception

§  Parents are invited and encouraged to attend along with their student



Manufacturing technician
Program Overview: